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I have lived in AZ my whole life and during the hot summer months we live in the pool. When I had my first baby, I knew I had to get her into swimming lessons asap. My sister had recommended Becki and it only took 1 observation of a lesson and I knew there was only 1 choice, ISR with Becki Pinckard. My firstborn, Britta had her first lessons when she was only 7 months. She caught on so quickly and I trusted Becki 10X more than I even trusted myself with my daughter in the pool.
When she had her second set of lessons with Becki the next summer, Britta actually ended up loving it! By the end of the lessons Britta did not even cry and actually would say, “ready…” before she would start swimming. Becki was so good with her uber high maintenance attitude and she was able to comfort and teach her at the same time. For our family there is no one else I will ever go to for swim lessons. Swimming is a joy now that I don’t have to fret every time we go swimming. It is so comforting knowing that Britta is capable of swimming on her own as well as being completely water safe.
-Shay B.

This was my first year doing ISR with my children (ages 2 and 4) and we had an amazing experience! I feel so confident to take them swimming this summer knowing they will be safe and would survive if they ever fell into a pool. My children learned the swim-float-swim method so quickly and loved Miss Becki! I highly recommend ISR and Miss Becki to all mothers with young children, it is a decision you won't regret!
-Jen R.

All I can say is WOW! ISR classes have given my 21 month old confidence and most of all respect around the water. It has given me the peace of mind that I have given my son a valuable tool that could save his life. Becki Pinckard is great and made us real comfortable with everything he was learning. I just cannot say enough about ISR!!
-Ashley K.

"ISR is the best thing we have ever done for our family. Every time we hear of a child drowning we are so thankful for Miss Becki and the survival skills she has taught our daughter."
-Mike B.

I live 2 houses away from our community pool, where a lot of swimmers leave the gate propped open. I keep a close eye on my son (now 20 months) but know that he can dart out of sight and over to the pool if I forget to lock the front door and blink my eyes at the same time. As soon as he started walking, I was stressed out about our proximity to the pool and the danger it could pose. After a little bit of research and a very informative phone call to Becki, I knew that ISR swim lessons were the only way to go. The price tag seemed a little hefty and I had to develop a good sales pitch to my husband, but in the end I knew that there was no substitute for such proven survival swim instruction and my son's safety around water.
I was worried that my son would be stressed out being put in such an intense learning environment, or that he would learn to hate the water and swimming, but the opposite was true. Sure, he would cry during some lessons and protest. But at the end of each lesson, he would smile so big and I could see how proud he was of his hard work and ccomplishments. After a few weeks, my husband and sister came to observe and were very impressed with how well Merrick could float on his back and find the steps, the edge of the pool and the instructor in the water.
It has been 2 months since he completed his lessons and our pool has finally warmed up enough to see what he remembers. His first time back in the water, I "tested" his memory in finding the steps, the side and the exit railing. I also had him swim between my sister and I (a distance of over 8 feet) and we were thrilled to see that he remembered everything! If the edge or steps were too far for him to swim, he immediately would roll over to his back and float perfectly. I can't thank Becki enough for putting my mind at ease and teaching my son such amazing skills at such a young age!
- Heather T.

My husband and I were very skeptical before we started lessons, but we knew someone who had success so we thought we should give it a try. Our daughter was almost 2 and swimming with floaties. After only a few weeks of ISR lessons she was independent in the water. The summer was so much fun because she was safe in the water and enjoyed swimming. We are looking forward to our refresher course next week. My six year old was in traditional swim lessons for a couple years and still never learned to float in pool and swim safe until she was five and finally took ISR lessons!!! I would recommend this to anyone with a small child and plans on using a pool this summer. 

I can’t say enough about Miss Becki and ISR lessons. It has made our family time at the pool so much more enjoyable. We moved from NJ and started ISR lessons prior to our first summer (my sons were 3 yrs and 8 mos respectively). It was the best thing we have done. Both boys are in their 3rd year of lessons and it has been so great to see them grow with their confidence in the water as well as our peace of mind knowing that they would be able to save themselves if ever in an accident. It certainly isn’t a replacement for adult supervision, but gives children an added resource. I have recommended Miss Becki to several friends because her passion and caring approach to teaching is second to none.
-Susie C.

It is sooo worth it and our instructor (Becki Pinckard) was fabulous. It was a passion for her to make sure no more children drown. She was so caring and wonderful, I really can't say enough good things about her. Our son first took it when he was like 8 months and then again last year (before he was 2) and he was totally swimming last summer. We spend so much time in the pool it was totally worth it! 
-Susan, Chandler, AZ 

With a backyard pool, we knew our small children would need swimming survival skills, and they learned them through ISR and our Instructor, Becki Pinckard. Becki was wonderful with the kids! So gentle and patient, yet determined to make sure our children learned to swim and float. Our son Will (2 1/2) is so much more confident...and not just around the water! Becki taught him that he CAN do it! The skills our kids learned in ISR are ones we are sure will stay with them for a long time, yet they are skills we hope they NEVER have to use. We cannot recommend this program enough.
-David & Jeannine C.

Wow! Is that really my two-year-old floating on her back in the middle of the pool?!!!! I first heard about ISR when I was pregnant and it took me 2 years to sign up. I was very skeptical. I listened to friends share their experiences and I never heard a single negative comment about the program. Once I started Haley, it seemed like everywhere I went people told me how they thought ISR had saved their own children's lives. Now I am one of those mom's who endorses ISR. I was amazed at how quickly Becki was able to teach her to roll on to her back and float. It is a time and money commitment for sure but you would never get over it if you lost one of your children. I am so grateful that my little sweetie is ISR trained, it is one less thing to worry about.
Enjoying the pool now! 
-Merris H.

Becki taught our son how to swim when he was 2 1/2 years old. He is now 4 and loves to swim! We took him back to Becki this summer to learn his strokes. He is now swimming laps in our pool, practicing all three of the strokes he learned from "Miss Becki". We also brought our 3 year old foster daughter to Becki and after only three weeks of lessons (she was a fast learner) she is now swimming on her own. I am impressed with ISR for its commitment to saving children's lives and making safety a priority. Our foster daughter had several medical issues and her health history was thoroughly reviewed by the doctors and nurses at ISR before lessons could begin. I plan on bringing all future children entrusted in our care to Becki to learn how to swim. She is a pleasure to work with and it is clear that she cares deeply for the welfare of our children.
-Patty B.

The ISR program is simply amazing. After my first child completed it I swore I'd never pay for another swim lesson that wasn't ISR. I now have four graduates.
- Kristy M.

ISR has been one of the best things we have done for our family. Our 4 year old girl is a strong, confident swimmer. She was swimming to the bottom of the pool to get toys at the age of 3! Parental supervision is still a must, but ISR has enabled us to relax and enjoy pool time together. I have recommended several friends to the program, and all have been more than satisfied. Do not miss out on the opportunity to save your child's life around the water! Thanks Becki!
-Brady G.

I am a parent of three young children currently in the ISR program (a three year old and twin one year olds). My children have been doing the program for three weeks and I have already seen results. I particularly like how firm but flexible Becki is as an Instructor. My three year old can be very difficult, but he responds to Becki's approach and is progressing quite well. Becki is open to feedback and adjusts accordingly. She is calm, but assertive and patient. It is obvious that she loves what she does. I already feel more relaxed when my children are in and near the water.
-Cyndi K., Mesa AZ

My son Ayden started ISR with Becki when he was about nine months old and has done refresher courses every summer. He is now 4. Throughout this process everyone who saw him swim and float was flabbergasted at his ability. His confidence in the water was spectacular. Ayden’s father and I are both firefighters and always encourage people with children to get involved in the ISR process. We unfortunately see the end results or poor supervision or low skill level with drowning. Prevention is the Key!!!
Forever grateful,
-Kara C. 

ISR has been a great experience for me and my children. My daughter has the confidence now to swim in the pool with her friends and family without the fear of getting water in her face. She always asks to "Go swim with miss Becki". Our son is only 22 months and he too feels more at ease at getting in the water with us. The swim/float/swim sequence has made us feel safer around the water, still never leaving the kids alone, but knowing that our children won't just panic and drown or, sink to the bottom of the pool. This makes swimming and enjoying activities around the water more enjoyable. We look forward every year to another session of lessons with Miss Becki. Its truly amazing to see the kids grow and the progress that its made year to year with each new lesson. ISR and Becki have been wonderful. Thank you very much for giving us this comfort.
-Steve and Tina H.


ISR is the most educational and effective survival swimming instruction program available.

For more than 50 years, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) has been teaching children critical Self-Rescue skills -- giving children the competence and confidence to safely enjoy the water. ISR’s technique teaches babies from 6 months to 6 years of age how to save themselves if they were to end up in the water alone.

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